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New Paintings by Wendy Angel


These paintings are compositions of visual elements in the way music is composition of sound. My intent is that they be a sensual experience that affects the body and mind of the viewer.

This series uses paint to reference electronic media. Along with the obvious relationships indicated by titles and images, I consider conceptual context related to information and communication functions. For example, complexity is interesting, fuzziness makes things work and uncertainty leads to strength and understanding.

As artists and audience we explore and interpret ideas and information such as media, form, content, context, and meaning. I maintain that the physical and cognitive experiences provided by arts are keystones in the foundations of a sustainable and sane society. It is our challenge to enable art to enhance experience and comprehension in our moment.

A work of art is about life as it is lived and understood.

The work is about defining order amid chaos, mingling sense with nonsense and tackling material while grappling ideas.

The works are subjective expeditions in objective situations.

They are statements in an endless discourse.

They are moments on a world stage.

In general my work emerges from a synthesis of my experience and my understanding. I incorporate multiple perspectives, methods and traditions. The work includes experimenting with possible options within set boundaries and analyzing how multiple elements function in a network of relationships. I engage with material to build formal and semiotic representation by immersing in an environment while experiencing the process of construction.


The bed in the gallery was a link to work in other media
and an enticement to sit and look a bit longer.

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Anatomies of Paintings documenting the process of how some of these paintings evolved.

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